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Fearless DIY

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

I wasn't always.

I started DIYing and woodworking 5 years ago when I was living in a small rental with my husband and two kids. I had just left nursing school and found myself depressed and without purpose. I was looking for a solution for my kids room when I came across a tutorial for a fold-down desk and thought, "I can do that". This was mind you, without a lick of experience of using anything other than a basic $15 power drill.

After countless hours of research and sketching out my own variation of the tutorial, I braved down the aisles at Lowes, somehow got what I needed, and managed to get all the wood cut inside the store. I came home, and armed with a drill and a super basic entry level pocket hole jig, I got to building.

Thus began the my journey that is the rabbit hole of DIY and woodworking. And when we bought our first home 3 years ago it escalated big time! I've built furniture, painted kitchen cabinets, installed appliances, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and even DIYed my way through troubleshooting my boiler. And that fold down desk? I made mistakes building it, but it WORKED. And its STILL functional 6 years later (although it will be getting retired this year)!

I recently began sharing my journey and as proud as I am of everything I have done, nothing brings me more joy than YOU. Yes YOU, the person reading this. If I can teach you even one thing, if I can help you overcome just a little fear, that lights my world on fire.

So come DIY with me. Lets slay some fears together.

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