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One Room Challenge Week 1: Mood Board

It heeeeere! Welcome to Week 1 of the One Room Challenge.

What is it?

One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual virtual event (April & October) where people are invited to makeover a space over the course of 8 weeks. Every season there are selected designers/influencers who are featured, however anyone and everyone is invited to join in as a guest participant.

But I don't DIY or make things Jen! That's perfectly fine! You can have all your work hired out and not lift a finger and you could still participate. For more information on the One Room Challenge, how to join, and rules for posting weekly, check out

Onto this week's reveal: MOODBOARD

Now, my mood board is a mix of inspiration/ideas and actual products I plan on using. Keep reading to read more about it!

First lets talk about what not on here, my HUGE project, DIY Murphy Bed. Its not on here, because its going to be hidden behind black sliding barn doors!

Since creating this mood board 2 weeks ago I ALREADY changed my mind on the design for the doors. The built-ins on either side of it will already be sooo amazing I don't want it to be too busy. See that bookcase on the bottom right corner? Ill be building something similar on either side of the barn doors with plywood doors and that gorgeous wallpaper in the top right as a backer.

Ill also be building a matching single barn door for access to the actual room! Also not pictured is the floating desks I will be making inspired by Within the Grove's. The chairs in the picture I will be buying from Ikea next week and the hanging light fixtures that will go over the desk are from Amazon. Ill link all items I am using as I receive them or use them in the following weeks so make sure to stay tuned!

ORC To-Do List:

  • Fold and put away laundry

  • Clear out room

  • Prep and paint walls

  • Install flooring

  • Build Murphy Bed frame

  • Build murphy bed outer frame/secure together

  • Built in's with wallpaper & LED lights

  • Trim, baseboard of feature wall

  • Double barn doors

  • DIY handles

  • Single barn door

  • Floating desk

  • Keyboard tray

  • Install lighting

  • Extra

    • window trim update

    • acrylic calendar

    • DIY decor items

    • Scrapwood art


But alas, I'm a while away from doing any fun stuff for ORC because, well because this room is filled to the brim with LAUNDRY. Let me explain. When we first moved into the house 3 years ago, this room served as a storage room where we kept all of our unpacked boxes and supplies that didn't have a home. Then it became an guest room, then an office for a bit and then back to a spare room. But now, this room which happens to be right next to my washer/dryer has unfortunately turned into my, " I don't want to fold this right now so Ima just drop this basket of clean clothes in here and close the door". Cause out of sight out of mind right? Oi vey. I have so much laundry to do to even start working on this space guys!!

Dont believe me: FINE here is proof!

Thankfully, after I took this picture, I took the AC out and installed it since summer is around the corner. I also moved the Ikea Malm dresser and out into my closet which requires some changes to my closet so that turned into a 3 hour project 🤦🏿‍♀️. But alas, now this room is a mess of mostly just laundry.

My next real update won't be for a little bit, I have quite a bit of work and non ORC stuff going on in the next 2 weeks, which makes me just a little sad. I'll but starting off slow but ending with a bang for sure!

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